You Have Options When Getting A Divorce

We've all heard divorce horror stories or seen them play out on TV and in movies. Because of this, you might assume that there is no alternative — that divorce is bound to be a traumatic, contentious legal battle.

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to litigated divorce, and many could save you time, money and stress. Attorney Jacqueline Zabresky is highly experienced in numerous types of divorce and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including:

  • Uncontested divorce: A process in which the couple has no contested property or custody issues and simply needs to go through the legal steps of ending the marriage.
  • Mediation: A form of ADR in which the couple resolves all contested issues through a neutral third-party mediator. Each spouse can also be represented by his or her own attorney to provide guidance and advice.
  • Collaborative divorce: Another form of ADR. Instead of discussing terms with a mediator, the two spouses and their two respective attorneys engage in direct negotiation. Other experts may be brought in to consult on finances, child custody and other important issues.
  • Arbitration: This form of ADR is somewhat similar to litigation, in that the couple agrees to let a hired arbitrator make the final decision on contested issues. Unlike traditional litigation, however, couples get to choose the pace, setting and scheduling of arbitration proceedings. It is also more private than litigation in a courtroom.

As mentioned above, these divorce alternatives are usually much faster and less expensive than litigation. They also tend to be less stressful and contentious, which is good for spouses and their children alike.

When Litigation Is Necessary

To be sure, there are times when litigated divorce is the best option or the only option. Divorce alternatives require compromise, and not everyone has a spouse who is willing to negotiate.

No matter what option you ultimately choose, Ms. Zabresky will take the time to understand your needs and goals and will vigorously represent the best interests of you and your children.

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